West Pinjarra Nirimba North Ravenswood Growth Areas

The Directions 2031 Strategy for the Perth and Peel sub regions identifies West Pinjarra, Nirimba and North Ravenswood localities as being potential areas for long term development or protection beyond 2031.

Council has lodged submissions on the State Government’s Direction 2031 documents, recommending that these areas be elevated to immediate Urban Investigation and resources committed to addressing the required district level planning.

The Shire has established Technical Advisory Groups to progress the necessary detailed planning for these areas, identifying the extent of development possible and potential integration with the broader sub regional planning framework. Progressing plans for these Precincts will however be dependent upon outcomes of the Directions 2031 strategy that plans for a city of 3.5m people.

Further detailed structure plans of these development growth precincts have been delayed due to the broader strategy Environmental Assessment of the Perth and peel region which is not due for release until late 2014. A parallel Section 16(e) strategic ‘advice’ on State environmental matters is also due for completion that will provide guidance to the Minister for the Environment and inform the sub-regional structure plans being prepared by the Department of Planning.

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