Temporary Food Stalls

A Temporary Food Stall License may be required for any business or not-for-profit organisation that intends to sell food from a stall within the Shire. This type of license is required for barbeques, sausage sizzles, cake stalls and for mobile food vendors selling take-away food at festivals and community events.

For food stalls at events held within the Shire of Murray, from 1 July 2019 a food stall permit is not required if:

  • The event has received ‘special event approval’ from the Shire of Murray;
  • The food stall has received approval from the event organiser to attend the event;
  • The food stall-holder has a food business registration and public liability insurance, and provides these to the event organiser in advance so that the event organizer can provide copies to the Shire of Murray at least seven days prior to the event;
  • For charitable groups, a food business registration is not required if food handling is limited to traditional sausage sizzles or low risk foods such as tea and coffee.  For further information on low risk foods, please contact the Shire.  Public liability insurance is still required for charitable groups holding a food stall.

For all other situations (ie outside of ‘special events’), a food stall permit is still required each time a person proposes to hold a food stall.

The food stall application form can be used for stalls at a single venue and date.  Alternatively for a food stall at a market series or sporting club, at a single venue, then a list of dates can be included on the one form provided that the dates fall within one financial year.  For food stalls held on a regular basis, an annual trading permit is also available.  If the event is to take place on land controlled by the Shire, such as the pavement or a Shire reserve, the organisation should include a copy of their public liability insurance policy with their application.

The following provides advice on measures that should be taken to ensure that the food is safe to eat and does not cause food poisoning.

To acquire a licence, please complete and submit a Food Stall Permit form, with the relevant fees (see Schedule of Fees and Charges).  Fees are waived for not-for-profit organisations.

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