The Swamp Hen Trail

About This Location

The Murray River is born with the union of the Hotham and Williams rivers. Its life force disperses into the Peel Inlet just below Coopers Mill. What a life it leads, flowing past historic Quindanning Hotel, onwards to Lane Poole Reserve near Dwellingup, passing forests and camping areas. It continues rapidly down through the reserve into Scarp Pool.

From here it crashes down the Darling Scarp into farmland, mixes with tea trees and arrives at Pinjarra, where the trail begins. This all year round rural trail is a quieter section of the Murray River, with canoeists seeing cattle, farm buildings, remnant orchards and discarded machinery.

The swap hen is unmistakable with its bright red bill and is easily seen as it runs along the river banks or perches on reeds or low tree branches.

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