Revised Furnissdale Structure Plan

During late 2009, Council considered a community consultation program for the Structure Plan review which included recommendations to deliver community workshops and seek feedback from Furnissdale land owners on future aspirations for development, the extent of urbanisation proposals including lot size ranges and what areas were considered worthy of retention for Rural-Residential lifestyle lots.

Two community workshops were held in April and May 2010, and feedback received from these workshops were posted on the Shire of Murray’s website.

A Technical Advisory Group comprising Shire of Murray, Department of Planning and other government agency representatives will be reviewing the community responses to inform the preparation of preliminary concept plans that can be subject of further community consultation.

In parallel with formulation of a draft Structure Plan for the Furnissdale precinct, an Urban rezoning request was considered by WAPC in July 2012 for landholdings in West Furnissdale that adjoin the existing townsite between Riverside Drive and Ronlyn Road. An Amendment to the Peel Region Scheme along with a District Water Management Strategy was subsequently advertised for public comment in late 2012. Following the assessment of submissions in May 2013, Peel Region Scheme Amendment 034/57 was granted final approval.

The Shire of Murray and Department of Planning continue to liaise with government agencies and service providers on the formulation of a broader structure plan for the Furnissdale locality. It is anticipated that a draft structure plan will be finalised by mid 2015. Delay in the release of the structure plan is mainly due to Federal and State environmental agencies preparing a strategic assessment for the Perth and Peel region that will ultimately determine a development ‘footprint’ for future urban land across the sub-region.

This strategic assessment work is not due for public release until 2015.

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