Review of Canal Planning Provisions

Project Summary

The Shire has five separate canal estates.

Development on private land adjacent to the canals is guided by both the Shire of Murray Town Planning Scheme (Scheme) provisions and a number of Local Planning Policies (policies), collectively referred to below as ‘provisions’. These provisions have now been in place for several years and in recent times a number of issues have arisen in relation to the canals. The Shire therefore plans to review its current canal provisions.

Review Process

The following key steps are proposed to be undertaken in the review process. The process will allow a comprehensive review to be carried out and also ensure that affected residents are properly engaged and have genuine opportunity for input into the process.

  1. Engage with the local community to gather initial comments, thoughts and ideas on what needs be addressed in the review via a community survey and separate submissions.
  2. Undertake research including a relevant document review from documents relevant to the Shire and other jurisdictions; an inspection of the Shire’s canal systems and those of other canals and marinas in the Perth/Peel South West regions; discussions with relevant State agencies and local contractors.
  3. Engage a marine engineer to report on relevant engineering issues raised during the preliminary consultation and initial research including issues such as desirable canal wall heights, replacement wall construction standards.
  4. Prepare the draft revised provisions for Council to consider for public consultation.
  5. Advertise the draft provisions for general community feedback.
  6. Council consider adoption of the revised provisions.

Stage 1 – Preliminary Community Feedback

Gathering initial comments, thoughts and ideas from the community on what needs be addressed in the review via a community survey and submissions. The feedback received during this stage of engagement will feed into the review process. A copy of the canal provisions is available from the downloads panel on the right hand side.

The policies for review are below:

Stage 2 – Advertising the Draft Provisions

The draft provisions once prepared will then be advertised for general community feedback. The feedback received will be used to refine elements of the draft provisions.


The review process commenced in late April 2014 and will take approximately 15 months to complete.

Further Information

For more details contact project officer Rhys Bloxsidge on (08) 9531 7777 or

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