Premier Hotel

About This Location

The coming of the railway through Pinjarra led to the building of the Premier Hotel to cater for passengers, who alighted at the station opposite the hotel.

The hotel was built by Edward McLarty who was the father of Sir Duncan Ross McLarty, a decorated war hero and former Premier of Western Australia from 1947 – 1953.

The original building was built with two storeys with a single storey wing at the rear. It stands in spacious grounds on the right bank of the Murray River and corner of South West Highway (formerly George Street) and Williams Road. The second storey was built with a large L shaped veranda that faced both roads. The first floor veranda was covered by a bull nosed tin roof and featured an ornate balustrade with valances and brackets between each wooden post. A large entablature, rendered with cement and adorned with the name Premier Hotel, topped the building.

Today, the Premier Hotel is an informal and casual dining experience. Sit back, relax and indulge in freshly cooked food.


1 Williams Rd, Pinjarra

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