North Dandalup and Nambeelup Local Rural Strategy

The WA Planning Commission resolved on 13 March 2012, to endorse the Nambeelup/North Dandalup Local Rural Strategy subject to a number of modifications to the plan that was advertised for public comment. Several of these modifications are listed as follows:-

1) Rural Residential area RR1 being expanded eastwards south of Lakes Road to include the eastern portion of Lot 1 Lakes Road and Lot 2 Shanns Road and the eastern portion of Lot 401 Shanns Road. These areas were recommended by Council for inclusion in the draft plan following consideration of submissions received at the close of the public advertising period.

2) The Strategy Plan being updated to reflect the recently gazetted Local Planning Scheme Amendments.

3) Rural Residential area RR2 being expanded to include the portion of Lot 2 Lakes Road that is located east of the power lines.

4) Rural Residential Precinct RR4 and the associated land use and development guidelines being deleted from the Strategy text and the land being shown as rural in figure (6). This land has recently been sold to Alcoa for inclusion within the Pinjarra Refinery Buffer area.

5) The 480 hectares of land north of Readheads Road being retained as rural Small Holdings but identified with cross hatching as potential long term Rural Residential, following the extraction of minerals from the large strategic mineral resource protection area immediately to the north of the precinct. These land holdings correspond to the recommended Rural Residential expansion area identified by Council as being subject to development staging pending a development uptake of land in the RR1 Precinct.

6) The two strategic mineral resource protection areas abutting the railway line south of Lakes Road being deleted from figure (1). The deletion of these two mineral resource areas removes significant impediments to the future Urban expansion of the North Dandalup townsite (with the Townsite Structure Plan having been endorsed by WAPC in December 2011) and the proposed rezoning of land for the Blue Ranges Rural residential development west of Shanns Road.

7) Urban investigation areas from the draft 2009 Urban Growth Management Strategy being removed from the plan as the future Urban Expansion areas will be identified and further refined as part of the Directions 2031 Project and the proposed South Metropolitan and Peel Sub Regional Structure Plan.

The Shire has recently sent written notification to land owners in this Rural Strategy Area, advising of the WAPC’s determination and clarifying how rezoning and development proposals can be progressed in due course.

Applications for rezoning of land within the RR1 and RR2 precinct areas are now being considered by the Shire to facilitate further Rural Residential development for a mix of lifestyle and equine use activities.

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