Industrial Land Strategy for Perth and Peel

In November 2009 the Department of Planning released a draft Industrial Land Strategy for the Perth and Peel Regions that identifies the type and locations of general and light industrial land required over the next twenty years and aims to facilitate the return of industrial land in the State to a sustainable level, avoiding the previous shortage of industrial land supply.

It is estimated by the year 2031, 4,726 hectares of industrial land will be required. The Study has identified 40 sites for potential development for industrial land uses. Industrial sites identified in the Shire of Murray include Nambeelup, extension of the West Pinjarra Industrial Precinct, an area south of the Pinjarra Alcoa Alumina Refinery in Oakley and an area north of Greenlands Road, West Pinjarra, as a priority industry site. Early in 2010, Council considered its position on the draft Industrial Strategy and highlighted the importance of strengthening the Pinjarra Light Industrial Area and creating an industrial corridor both north and south of Greenlands Road as a priority in order to justify a higher priority status for West Pinjarra and Nirimba within Directions 2031 strategy. Council also supported expansion of the Nambeelup Industrial Precinct to provide a larger employment base which services a future Urban Inland Corridor of land extending south of Keralup through to Ravenswood.

An EELS inplementation working group has been established by the Department of Planning to oversee progress of development and planning of the priority industrial sites. A draft regional Blueprint report (2014) prepared by PDC includes economic growth and enabling strategies that seek to broaden and diversify the buisness and commercial sectors and strengthen peel regions competitive advantage.

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