‘I’m Alert’ Food Safety Training

I’M ALERT Food Safety is an online food safety training program that various organisations subscribe to and deliver FREE food safety training to the food handlers within their local authority. I’M ALERT Food Safety enables a consistent and efficient delivery of Food Safety Training.

The program can be accessed online, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week and includes:

  • Sections reflecting the basic food safety principles as outlined in the Food Safety Standards (Eg. Temperature Control, Food Receipt, Food Storage, Hygiene of Food Handlers etc.)
  • Ability to only select the sections that are relevant to your role
  • Interactive tasks and quizzes
  • Printable training acknowledgement form (assists a food business operator and staff to demonstrate skills and knowledge requirements) – click hereto view an example
  • Printable certificate (can be displayed within a food business) – click hereto view an example
  • “Remind me” option (prompts a user to conduct the training again after a nominated time period)
  • “Notify” option (enables a user to notify others of their completion of the training program)

What is subscription / branding? 

The training program will be branded with the title and logo of your organisation. Your organisation’s title and logo will appear on the header in the program and on all printouts (checklists, training acknowledgement form and certificate). An A4 promotional brochure will be branded with the title and logo of your organisation.

Why subscribe / brand the training program with your organisation’s details? 

Customising the site with your organisations details will allow you to deliver FREE Online & Interactive Training to your customers and/or staff. Furthermore, you may choose to place a link to the customised training program on your website and/or distribute the customised A4 promotional brochure.

Current and potential partners include:

  • Government organisations
  • Service providers
  • Training organisations
  • Businesses
  • Professional bodies
  • Business groups
  • Charity groups
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