The Heron Trail

About This Location

The Heron Trail is a tidal all year round trail. On the river’s lower section is a mixture of she oaks, paper barks and river gums mixed with beaches, back waters, reserves, jetties and residences. Power boating is popular during holidays but not as hectic as the Murray River. There are two familiar herons which resides along this trail. The two-toned grey white faced heron is easily seen as it stalks along the river edges.

Whilst the Rufous Night Heron with its chestnut brown back and sides, cream belly and three white plumes from its blue black head is harder to see as it roosts during daylight in riverbank trees. Other bird life abounds with whistling kites, mountain ducks, stilts, egrets, grey teal, black ducks and many more. Dolphins regularly appear on fishing patrols, one spectacular method used is to concuss fish by smashing them with wave breaking force against the river banks.

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