Cantwell Park

About This Location

Albert R. Cantwell was a returned serviceman and teacher at the Pinjarra School who sadly, was killed in a tragic traffic accident in 1927. The land now known as Cantwell Park was originally used for bridge approaches and later as the unofficial town “rubbish dump”.

In 1919, after seeking approval from the Murray Roads Board, school children began using the land to conduct experiments for agriculture and gardening education. Students, especially boys, from the school levelled the ground and began planting trees and flowerbeds.

Albert Cantwell as President of Returned Soldiers’ Association was instrumental in turning the reserve into a Memorial Park to commemorate fallen soldiers.

Today, the park is a magnificent children’s retreat of play equipment and discovery. Set on the banks of the Murray River, it is a scenic and peaceful BBQ or picnic area.


Between James and Henry Streets, adjacent to George Street, Pinjarra

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