Waterways and Boat Ramps


The Shire of Murray has a number of Waterways both naturally occurring and constructed. Those that are naturally occurring are generally rivers, creeks, streams, wetlands and the estuary that cater for the natural water flows and are generally managed either by the landowner or State Government agency (Department of Water or Department of Environment and Conservation).

There are numerous constructed or man made waterways and associated infrastructure that exist in the Shire, these range from our Canal systems and boat ramps that manage recreational boating to constructed networks that are naturally vegetated and manage overland drainage flows, these are generally within existing urban or new development areas and are managed by the Shire for both maintenance and environmental standards.

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Boat Launching Facilities

The Shire of Murray is the ideal location from which to explore the fantastic inland waterways of the Peel Region. Launch your vessels at one of the many boat ramps in the region and the Peel Harvey Estuary and Serpentine and Murray Rivers.

The Shire of Murray currently has nine boat launching facilities located at:

For further information visit the Department of Transport’s website here.

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