Trees and Conservation

Street trees make a significant contribution to the presentation of streetscapes within the Shire, both environmentally and aesthetically. The objective for all streetscapes is to create a balanced avenue effect.

The Shire takes into account numerous aspects when determining appropriate species selection. The physical constraints of the site are considered, including verge width, building set backs, overhead power lines, the need to allow for pedestrian or vehicular movement, underground services and public safety.

The Shire of Murray is responsible for the control and development of street verges and encourages landowners to develop and maintain the verge area in front of their property within the guidelines of the Shire’s Local Laws.

Property owners are responsible for the care and maintenance of the verge adjacent to their property. The selection, supply and maintenance of street trees is the responsibility of the Shire

The preservation of existing trees is of prime importance and practical techniques are used to maintain the health of trees.

Street Tree Removal Policy

The Shire does not support the removal of healthy, stable and viable street trees and will not consider the removal of trees for reasons such as to reduce leaf litter or to improve or create views.

Only trees that meet the Shire’s criteria regarding health and safety implications will be considered by the Shire for removal.

Upon receipt of a request for a street tree to be removed, Shire officers will assess the tree/s and will advise the applicant of the outcome. It is generally expected that where possible, should a resident be granted approval for a tree to be removed, a replacement tree will be required to be planted in its place or nearby location.

Request for a Tree

The Shire will provide street trees for the street verge adjacent to your property on request by the property owners. Owners are required to complete and submit the street tree request form.

To establish a consistent streetscape, street tree species will be allocated by the Shire’s Technical Services Department in accordance with existing or intended street tree themes.


Street tree pruning is necessary to maintain and improve the condition of street trees and to prolong their healthy life span through professional maintenance. Pruning is also necessary when power lines are adjacent to trees and for pedestrian or traffic safety.

Contractors trained in arboriculture techniques undertake all street tree pruning. Arboriculture techniques are used to maintain the health of street trees or to remove hazards, taking into consideration the natural growth and formation of trees.

The general pruning of street trees is undertaken on a systematic basis. Power line pruning of street trees is undertaken annually to meet statutory requirements for powerline clearances.

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