Exchange Hotel Redevelopment

Exchange Hotel Redevelopment
November 8, 2017 lauren

Redevelopment works currently on hold.

At the April Council Meeting, Councillors rejected a late, counter offer of sale by Strzelecki Group company, Exchange Pinjarra Pty Ltd.

Given the current economic pressures caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the proponent presented modified terms to the original draft of the contract of sale, that Council considered were not in the community’s best interest.

Marketing for the sale and redevelopment of the site, has been deferred until such time as greater economic certainty returns to the market.

Council will continue to assess the way forward including ideas for activation, particularly ready for implementation following the current “lockdown” period.

Contract of sale negotiations between the Shire of Murray and Exchange Pinjarra Pty Ltd, for an approximate 3,300m2 portion of the former Exchange Hotel site, have been ongoing since October 2019.

While disappointing, it is critical that a quality development outcome is achieved at the appropriate time in the future and the Shire will continue to work diligently to ensure that the right proponent, with a sustainable and befitting proposal, is approved to develop the key site, in line with Council and community expectations.

Interested in developing the site?

Contact Rod Peake, Director Planning and Sustainability

Project Overview

The Shire finalised the acquisition of the Exchange Hotel site located at Lots 85-88 George Street, Pinjarra in May 2012 to achieve a usable public riverfront foreshore within the Pinjarra Town Centre. Furthermore, the acquisition provided an opportunity for the Exchange Hotel site to be redeveloped in line with the rich, heritage fabric of the town.

Since the purchase of the Hotel site, the Shire has excised the foreshore and town square components of the property and made the respective area Reserve land to permanently protect these assets.

Council has also had a significant level of control over the development, to protect as much as possible, the heritage of the building, particularly a section dating back to 1866.

Investment in this key site has provided an opportunity to better integrate the river with the town centre.

The acquisition has also stimulated uses for private investment in the town that have the potential to support the district economy.

The building has been closed to trade since 2008.

2018-2019 | Conservation Works

  • Works were undertaken to preserve the building’s heritage elements including the 1866 Dr Bedingfeld cottage and the 1925 kitchen, dining and accommodation sections
  • Works clarified for prospective development proponents, the sections of the building that needed to be incorporated into future development and de-risked the site through the completion of structural repairs and re-roofing including the installation of new roof plumbing


  • Developer/proponent sought
  • August 2019: Strzelecki Group selected as the preferred proponent
  • October 2019: Contract of sale negotiations begin with Strzelecki Group company, Exchange Pinjarra Pty Ltd
  • April 2020: Redevelopment put on hold following Council’s decision to reject a late, counter offer of sale by Exchange Pinjarra Pty Ltd
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