Local Government Election

Ordinary Local Government Elections are held in Western Australia every two years. The next election will take place in October 2019.

There will be four vacant Council positions and voting will be conducted by postal vote. Ballot packages will reach elector mailboxes from early October.

2017 Local Government Election Results

The 2017 Local Government Election took place on Saturday 21 October.

There were five vacant Council positions and the Shire received nine candidate nominations.

A 35.02% return vote rate was realised through election efforts, an increase of over 11% on the 2013 and 2015 elections.

The Pinjarra Heavy Haulage Deviation Referendum was also coordinated as part of the 2017 election.

Results of Election

CandidateNumber of Votes
Mclarty, Douglas2742
Cardilini, Brad2248
Black, Geoff2023
Reid, Maree1971
Beacham, Brenda1899
Thompson, Christine1593
Briggs, Patricia1575
Veevers, Steve1435
Maclure, Donald1437

The five candidates who received the most votes were elected as Councillors and will hold office until 16 October, 2021.

Results of Referendum

Electors voted Yes or No to the following question:

Do you support a Pinjarra Town Centre heavy haulage deviation?

Votes YesVotes NoInformal Votes

The referendum result was infavour of a Pinjarra Town Centre heavy haulage deviation.

The Shire will now formally lobby the State Government to support the project and provide the $27.5m required to build the deviation.

If successful, the deviation would be a State Government funded project, and is therefore wholly reliant on funding and decisions by the State Government.

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