Affordability and sustainability were key considerations for the 19/20 Budget.

The Shire of Murray is investing in infrastructure improvements, environment protection, economic development and community support and service-based initiatives.

An overall rating increase of 2% with 0% increase for residential waste charges has been applied.

The Budget balances the desire to limit the increase for ratepayers with the need to maintain a sustainable financial position, in the provision of key community services.

Over the course of the financial year, through collaborative relationships and a combination of revenue sources, the Shire continues to improve quality of life in Murray through project delivery, investment attraction, district level planning, tourism and place-making.

Differential Rates

Differential rates continue to apply for the 2019/20 financial year with a 20% lower rate in the dollar applied for commercial properties.

Differential rates ensure the viability and growth of our existing businesses, encourage new start-ups and attract other businesses and service providers into Murray, to widen our economic base and create more local jobs.

Differential rates restore equity across categories of land use.

Differential rates were applied due to valuation fluctuations in 2017/18, whereby the gross rental value of commercial properties increased by an average of 8.05%, while residential property values decreased by 9.16%.


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