Australian Citizenship Ceremonies

Applying for Australian Citizenship is an exciting time for respective community members and the Shire is proud to play an important role in officiating and welcoming new citizens to the Australian community.

Australian Citizenship Ceremonies at the Shire of Murray are held approximately every three months (except during the month of December) and on Australia Day 26 January. Ceremonies are normally held on a week day.

To Apply for Australian Citizenship:

The Department will provide applicants information regarding the Australian Citizenship process and applicants will be advised by letter from Canberra, when their application has been approved.

The Department forwards advice to Council listing the names of those who have recently been approved.

Council’s Role in the Citizenship Process

Once advised by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship, Council forwards successful applicants an invitation to attend the next scheduled ceremony.

If an applicant cannot attend their assigned ceremony, applicants must advise the Shire of Murray in order to be moved to the next ceremony date.

Council requests certificates for the successful applicants from the Department and advises of the recipients’ ceremony date.

Citizenship certificates are printed in Canberra and sent to Council in time for the ceremony.

*Please note that applicants may need to wait three months for the next available ceremony.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How often does the Shire of Murray have ceremonies?

A: The Shire of Murray holds a Citizenship Ceremony approximately every three months and always on Australia Day (26 January). There are no ceremonies in December.

Q: I have received my approval letter; can I book into a ceremony?

A: Not necessarily. Immigration will send your approval data to Council within two weeks of you receiving your letter of approval. We cannot allocate you to a ceremony without the data from immigration. We then allocate you to the very next available ceremony date and following a phone call checking your availability we will post an invitation to attend that ceremony.

Q: I can’t attend the ceremony I have been invited to. Can I reschedule?

A: Yes. We can move you to the next available ceremony. You may have to wait up to three months for the next ceremony.

Q: I live in another Council, can I have my ceremony at Murray?

A: Yes. This is at the discretion of the Shire President and the request is usually granted depending on the circumstances of the request.

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