Local Planning Scheme No.4

A statutory document which determines:

  • Murray’s planning aims
  • Circumstances where planning approval is required
  • Various zones and reserves
  • Development standards for the development and use of land

Shire of Murray Local Planning Scheme No.4

If I breach the Scheme, can I be fined or prosecuted?

$500 fine applies for any breach of our Scheme in relation to minor matters or matters that may have previously been dealt with in court. Circumstances for which a fine may be issued include:

  • Unauthorised erection of signage
  • Unauthorised parking of commercial vehicles
  • Unauthorised placement of sea containers
  • Unauthorised clearing

For a major breach, offenders will generally be prosecuted in court.

Planning and Development (Local Planning Scheme) Regulations 2015 (LPS Regulations)

Took effect in October 2015, replacing the Town Planning Regulations 1967.

Schedule 2 of the LPS Regulations include "deemed provisions" that automatically apply to every local planning scheme in the State including the Shire’s Local Planning Scheme No.4.

When there is an inconsistency between a "deemed provision" and a Local Planning Scheme No.4 provision, the "deemed provision" will prevail.