Collaboration Enhances Member Mobility at MALC

Collaboration Enhances Member Mobility at MALC
June 17, 2020 stephanie
Murray Aquatic and Leisure Centre

Leading a healthy and active lifestyle has become more accessible for Murray residents living with disability or recovering from injury.

According to Shire President Cr. David Bolt, the generous donation of a portable patient lifter by the Rotary Clubs of Ascot and Pinjarra, has allowed the Murray Aquatic and Leisure Centre to extend its services, offering increased opportunity and safety for all users.

“The Centre welcomes this functional addition to the permanent hoists already in the aquatic area.

“The portable nature of the lift allows it to be used throughout the Centre and facilitates safe and easy transfers for patrons and Centre staff alike.

“Through the use of their own slings, patrons can be transferred from floor positions, chairs or other support surfaces with a hinged rotating yoke enabling 360 degree maneuvers at full lift height.

“The Shire is committed to ensuring that all members of the community enjoy the same opportunities for improving their well-being and quality of life and through collaborative relationships such as that with the Rotary Clubs, we are confident that we can continue to honour this commitment,” Cr. Bolt said.

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