Bushfire Centre of Excellence

Bushfire Centre of Excellence
March 6, 2019 Katherine Stevens

Project Overview

Supporting the Department of Fire and Emergency Services in the delivery of the Centre to ensure its opening by December 2020.

The Centre will provide knowledge, technical expertise, science and research, plus training for bush firefighters and other emergency services personnel across the State.

As a shared connection point, the Bushfire Centre of Excellence will draw on the considerable local experience of volunteers and the broader community to share skills and develop new initiatives. This way, all parties can benefit from the transfer of valuable knowledge in bushfire management.

The Bushfire Centre of Excellence concept plans include:

  • Open spaces for public meetings, training, outdoor briefings and exercise
  • Outdoor training space
  • Training rooms
  • Temporary locations for visitors, partners and collaborations
  • Office space
  • Secure area for training tools and equipment

Fully funded by Department of Fire and Emergency Services through the State Government.

For further project information visit the Department of Fire and Emergency Service’s website. 


  • Shire of Murray named host locality
  • Site secured within the Peel Business Park
  • Tender awarded for architectural design


  • Temporary facility secured to support local Rural Fire Division operations until the facility is completed
  • Progress Centre designs and concepts
  • Works commenced
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