Strategic Direction to 2031


By 2031, the Shire of Murray will be a place where business thrives, we protect our environment, and all people enjoy an outstanding quality of life.

A number of strategies and plans have been developed to ensure we achieve our vision. The key to success however, is a collaborative relationship with our community and its stakeholders.  


We will be an organisation with a can-do attitude that strives for service excellence, continued improvement and a commitment to outcomes.

Focus Areas and Aspirations to 2031

Places for People

In 2031 Murray will have created great places for people through strong partnerships with the community; innovative urban design and improved the well-being and quality of life for residents.

Thriving Economy

In 2031 Murray will have a diverse and prosperous economy that supports innovation, training opportunities and provides a variety of business, tourism and employment opportunities.

Environment, Character and Heritage

In 2031 Murray will be effective stewards of our environment, history, heritage, natural landscape and rural character.

Connected and Accessible

In 2031 Murray will have enhanced our transport linkages and opportunities to share information using a variety of travel and technology options.

Capable and Accountable

In 2031 Murray will have further developed strong leadership through good governance, effective communication and ensuring value for money.


Our values are REAL


Shire of Murray officers will:

  • Adopt and maintain a customer focus
  • Serve the community with pride and passion
  • Ensure decisions taken help businesses to thrive, protect our environment and improve quality of life 



Shire of Murray officers will:

  • Be outcomes-focused and innovate
  • Ensure continual learning and growth
  • Build strong relationships
  • Adopt a can-do attitude
  • Be proactive, participatory and inclusive
  • Listen to understand and empower
  • Close the loop



Shire of Murray officers will:

  • Care about our work and take pride in what you do
  • Own your mistakes and let our learnings guide us to achieve better results and grow
  • Be open and transparent



Shire of Murray officers will: 

  • Be a steward of our community and the organisation
  • Create a positive working environment
  • Take initiative and encourage continual improvement
  • Be agile and adaptive