Shire of Murray Review of System of Representation

On display until 12 December 2022, 04:00 PM

The Shire of Murray is conducting a review of its system of representation and invites public participation in the review.

This review is undertaken to address the Minister for Local Government’s request for Council to consider a ‘Voluntary Pathway’ to this reform, where it is identified that the Shire President will be elected by the public. Previously, this office was selected by the Council.

The number of elected members and the no ward structure will be assessed though this does not limit the matters that members of the community can raise in relation to the system of representation in the Shire.

This assessment will take into account the views of the community and outline any other matters that may be considered.

An information sheet/discussion paper is available outlining the current situation and can be viewed at

Public submissions are invited and must be submitted to the Shire of Murray at:

  • 1915 Pinjarra Road Pinjarra  WA 6208
  • Email:
  • Web:

By 4pm, Monday December 12th.

For further information (and a copy of the discussion paper) please contact Mr Rob Marlborough at the Shire of Murray on

9531 7777.

Dean Unsworth

Chief Executive Officer

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