Food Innovation Precinct Western Australia

  • Project typeFacility Development
  • Project value$21.75M
  • Completion Date30 June 2022

We’ve deliverer this state-of-the-art facility within Transform Peel’s Peel Business Park in Nambeelup, catalysing Western Australia’s smart specialisation in the agri-sector. 

The Precinct comprises a research and development facility, an innovation centre and a production warehouse. FIPWA houses an ecosystem of small-to-medium enterprises, R&D institutions, an industry common-use food technology facility and supporting industry organisations who assist with issues such as scaling up of agri-businesses, export and product licensing.

Specialised equipment and research and commercial development capabilities will ensure the Precinct offers a substantial variety of technologies and processing methods, aimed at scientifically proving nutrition and traceability, and supporting the development of high value premium foods with extended shelf life.

While physically located in the Peel region, the Precinct operates on a hub-and-spoke model and uses digital infrastructure to connect and engage with other agri-food regions, permitting scale up and export opportunities.

Project components

The Precinct explores the creation of a unique brand, trademark and relevant industry certification, which makes it a one-stop shop for WA's agri-food community.

Synergies have been optimised between the Precinct and the State Government’s Bushfire Centre of Excellence. The Centre and Precinct are situated next to one another with coordinated orientation of buildings and landscaping, joint parking areas and shared use of common facilities such as the Precinct's cafe and meeting rooms.

Research and Development

Research Building.jpg   

The Precinct works with businesses on a range of initiatives across the value chain of food production to consumption.

These include:

  • Deploying a focus on improving farm level productivity
  • Efficient use of natural resources all the way to developing new or enhanced F&B products
  • Better connecting the food-health nexus through innovation in the functional food domain

Creating reliable and safe supply chains that enhance WA’s food traceability and provenance is also a focus.

Innovation Centre

Innovation Centre.jpg  

A landing pad for businesses and entrepreneurs, the Innovation Centre is a hub of activity where individuals create new business collaborations, monetise their services, ideate on opportunities and expand their networks domestically and internationally.  

In addition to co-working spaces for small and medium enterprise and entrepreneurs, the Innovation Centre connects vital services to F&B businesses ranging from Asia focused export services, market and consumer testing, new agri-technology transfer and application programs, government related services, business planning and financial services. 

Recognising the need for the innovation focus to thrive, the R&D and Innovation Centre build talent, new skills and capabilities through regular workshops, seminars and events.

Production Warehouse


The State will provide a significant investment to create a common-use Food Technology facility at the Production Centre. The facility is intended to house advanced food manufacturing equipment that will assist primary producers and help food and beverage businesses develop, test and produce new and improved products.

Working alongside the R&D and Innovation Centre, businesses will be able to test market demand and buyers, allowing them to invest with confidence in new large-scale commercial production lines.

Ensuring success

The Precinct has established 10 key success measures to guide its ongoing operations:

  1. Optimal utilisation of the WA Food Innovation Precinct
  2. Industry (including local growers and producers) utilisation of the R&D, Innovation and Production facilities
  3. R&D Commercialisation (on-farm and post-farm gate)
  4. Research translation for industry
  5. Diversification of agri-industry into value-added
  6. Agri-business growth – investment, innovation and jobs
  7. Grow indigenous businesses, product and communities
  8. Export growth (volume and value) and deeper international connections
  9. Stronger WA agri F&B brand
  10. Local jobs, workforce capabilities and student growth

Economic and employment impact

Economic modelling indicates that the Precinct could increase Western Australia’s food and beverage sector output between one and three per cent in the first five years of operation.

This translates into between 17 and 51 new food businesses delivering benefits to the Western Australian economy, including:

  • Growth in Western Australia's food and beverage sector output by between $110 and $33M
  • Economic injection of between $245 and $737M in other economy sectors
  • Direct job creation of between 169 and 506 jobs
  • Indirect job creation of between 323 and 977 jobs

X-Protein Lab Program

Western Australia is taking a deep dive into the production of alternative proteins with six pioneering businesses set to expand state efforts in the global market, with a particular focus on Singapore.

As participants in the X-Protein Lab program, a Western Australian Food Innovation Precinct initiative, the businesses are mentored by industry experts from Singapore and Australia, through their research and development efforts, technology readiness, intellectual property considerations, product-market fit, business models, consumer and market acceptance, investment potential and global relevance.

The businesses also interact with like-minded Singapore startups, link into the regional and global agri-food financing eco-system and receive three-months access to the Precinct’s Innovation Centre when it opens mid-2022.

Participating businesses and their initiatives:

Ainsley Agroforestry and Aquaponics Pty. Ltd.

A tree farm based in Greenough, will explore the production of alternative plant-protein from dried powdered leaves of Moringa oleifera trees, which will initially be grown in the state’s mid-west.

Whole Green Foods Pty. Ltd.

Will introduce Western Australia and the world to their novel proprietary processing and extraction technology. Through the program they will validate their technology and business model to rapidly scale up the business, both in Australia and abroad. The company is a finalist in the 2021 Western Australian Innovator of the Year Awards in the category of Emerging Innovation.

Jarra Infusion Wholesale Pty. Ltd.

Will focus on business development and commercialisation to enable the supply of a range of plant-based products across WA, interstate and overseas. They will also explore the opportunities offered through mycelium-based protein and the medicinal benefits of mushrooms, for incorporation in their range.

The Lupin Co.

Will investigate Australian Sweet Lupin as a concentrated protein source for the global food market for tailored foods, specific to consumer needs including for sport, management of diabetes, obesity and other health issues as well as infant health and aged care.

Wide Open Agriculture

Will work through the X-Protein Lab program’s networks to introduce, both to Australia and Asia, its patented process of transforming Australian Sweet Lupin into a format applicable for multiple food and drink categories. The company also hopes to grow Western Australia's regenerative farming practices. 

Grubs Up Australia

The state’s first edible insect farm will seek to expand their target market internationally, for their product range which currently includes protein roasted crickets, roasted mealworms and high-protein powder. The company also hopes to explore the production of ready-to-eat products such as pre-workout high protein bars, muesli bars, health food snacks, protein balls, breakfast granola and pancake mixes.

Experts in Residence include:

  • Dr. Natasha Ayers, Agristart WA
  • Dr. Regine Stockmann, CSIRO VIC
  • Gerard Chia, VisVires New Protein SGP
  • Professor Paul Teng, A*STAR SGP

Enterprise Support Program

The Enterprise Support Program (ESP) is a $3.85M competitive grant program set up in partnership between the Shire of Murray, DevelopmentWA and the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD), whom contributed $2.5M.

The ESP provides up to $600K in 1:1 co-funding for agri-businesses seeking to pursue business development and innovation opportunities, through the leading-edge research capability, incubation space and technologies available in the Precinct.

Support will be available for small to medium agri-businesses, enterprises and entrepreneurs seeking opportunities to innovate, accelerate business development, commercialise research and to deliver projects that demonstrate:

  • Innovation
  • Diversification
  • Export capability
  • Product development
  • Commercialisation of research

It is intended that the ESP will contribute towards economic diversification, jobs growth, food innovation and improving the export capability of agri-food commodities. Funding is available to eligible participants under the following three streams:

  1. Business/product commercialisation, collaborative research and development
  2. Common use equipment within the Precinct
  3. User incentives to access the Precinct space, facilities and services

Prospective applicants may request up to $600K across the three streams. Successful applicants will have up to two years to complete their projects and acquit the funds.

Applications can be submitted at any time during the year with assessments made toward the end of each quarter. To enable consideration of your application at the quarterly meeting (March/June/September/December), ensure it is submitted prior to the 15th of the preceding month.

As part of the application process, your information will be made available to the assessing authorities, including the Shire Council. As a result, the application outcomes may be publicly available. 

As part of the grant submission and assessment process applicants may be asked to submit business plans, financial statements and other information that may be deemed relevant to the proposed project. 


Familiarise yourself with the Enterprise Support Program Guidelines(PDF, 177KB).

We recommend touching base with us to discuss your project prior to completing an application: 

Click here to view form.





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