Edenvale Cellar Structural Repairs, Drainage and Conservation Works

  • Project typeStructural repairs, drainage and conservation work
  • Completion Date13 December 2022

One of our focus areas in the Shire is Environment, Character and Heritage. It’s in support of that that we’re currently undertaking some work first identified in the Edenvale Conservation Plan to protect the basements in the Edenvale Homestead.

Structural damage has been identified to the basement of the historic Edenvale Homestead associated with high ground water and clay soils. This is impacting the ability for the community to use the community room located above the basement, which is one of the busiest facilities in Pinjarra.

The southern basement wall has been bowing and has caused quite a bit of damage to the meeting rooms above.

A structural engineering report identified works needed to rectify structural issues involving extensive drainage improvements around the western end of the building and subsequent building repairs and the reinstatement and improvements to the nearby landscape areas.

We have been developing plans to address the initial drainage issue first, with the final repair works to the meeting rooms coming later on.

Works to the basement are expected to be finalised in mid-December. These will include the establishment of temporary fencing, the installation of props and wall supports, some paving removal, some excavation work to expose existing pipes and drains, repair work and waterproofing, and the installation of new drains

The works are part of an ongoing program aimed at maintaining and progressively conserving buildings in the historic Edenvale Precinct. Over the last few years other significant works in the precinct have included the replacement of the front verandah of the homestead; recladding of the Liveringa roof; structural repairs, restoration and reuse of the St John’s Church and restoration of the Liveringa well.  

We’ll also be finishing the area as per the outcomes of the Edenvale Landscape Management Plan, to reshape the grassed area near the Potters’ Shed and Arts and Crafts Building to a circular design (labelled as the “events area”), removing the paving in the area, and resurfacing with red laterite.

This work has been funded by Alcoa, and we are grateful to them for their support. 


November 10th - November 18th

  • Site establishment install noggings
  • Temporary fence installation
  • Supporting walls and installing of props
  • Removal of paving

November 21st - November 25th

  • Excavating to building perimeter, locate and cap existing water and gas services
  • Repair work and waterproofing
  • Install 100mm AG drain
  • Backfill trench

November 28th - December 12th

  • Reconnect gas and water services
  • Install sewer grade pit, reconnect water and gas services
  • Demobilise site and site clean
  • Removal of temporary fence



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