Point Grey Scheme Amendment Approved by Minister

Published on 02 December 2021

Aerial of Point Grey showing location and connection with Peel Harvey Estuary, Peel Inlet, Port Bouvard, Dawesville Cut and the ocean

Planning Minister Rita Saffioti has approved an amendment to the Shire of Murray's local planning scheme to prevent a marina development at Point Grey, from proceeding.

The Minister's decision follows the recommendation made by the Western Australian Planning Commission.

The amendment removes potential for the development of a marina at Point Grey, responding to concerns about the suitability of the site in the context of potential long-term environmental impacts, and uncertainty about ongoing maintenance and upkeep.

Shire President Cr. David Bolt said the announcement was a significant win for the community and most importantly the environment. 

“The removal of a marina as a permissible use under Point Grey zoning, will ensure that future-decision making for the site considers the environmental sensitivities of the land and estuary and that development is not undertaken at the cost of the environment or ratepayers. 

“Community support, both on a local and regional level, has been fundamental to achieving this outcome. I thank those who spoke up and stood behind the Local Planning Scheme Amendment and I thank the Minister for her support.

“I am proud to represent and be a part of this community.

“This is a step toward ensuring we continue to enjoy the environmentally significant estuary, rivers, waterways and their habit, in the long-term,” Cr. Bolt said.

The Point Grey land is still zoned for urban development and can therefore be subdivided and developed for such purposes. An amended structure plan excluding the marina and marina village, would however, need to be lodged and address contemporary planning principles such as environmental, design and bushfire fire issues.

Council has requested that the developer consider an alternative vision for the site that addresses the environmental sensitivities and Shire officers will be available to assist with planning enquiries and the consideration of planning proposals.

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