Pay your rates in full early to win!

Published on 10 August 2022

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The Shire of Murray works hard to source contributions and grants to help pay for infrastructure development, projects and investment for the future. But we also levy local rates from people who live and work in the Shire to help pay for the operational costs of the Shire - everything from road repairs to managing our cemetaries, from bushfire prevention and preparedness to operating the Murray Aquatic and Leisure Centre (MALC).

It helps us move quicker and operate more efficiently when those rates are paid on time, and ideally, in full, which is why we operate an incentive program.

This year, if you pay your full rates by September 23 2022, we'll automatically add you into a prize draw to win one of three great prizes:

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Full terms and conditions are here(PDF, 108KB) , and if you'd like to see what we did with our funding last year, and the plans for 2022-2023, click below

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