New era begins for Food Innovation Precinct Western Australia

Published on 05 May 2022

  • Leases signed with anchor partners
  • New name and brand revealed – Food Innovation Precinct Western Australia
  • Construction on track for July completion

A new era in food innovation has officially begun in the Shire of Murray.

With construction of the Food Innovation Precinct Western Australia due to be completed by July, the founding partners have signed leases committing them to the Precinct for at least 5 years.

The initial anchor partners are:

Murdoch University’s Food Futures Institute: The FFI works to provide solutions on the sustainable use of limited land and water resources to economically and ethically improve food, forestry and fibre production. The Institute has led the way on MSA certification of beef and lamb quality, double cropping, reduced tillage practices, the improved use of saline land and water, creating better Wagyu marbled beef, and improving malting barley for beer.

Spinifex: A brewing innovator, Spinifex produces unique beers developed and infused with Indigenous native botanical ingredients. Spinifex has a unique story, focused around the inclusion of Aboriginal producers within their supply chain, their support of Australian Veterans and their ability to produce award-winning beers.

The GrowHub: A food and agri-tech company from Singapore, The Growhub has an exclusive commercial partnership with the Food Innovation Precinct Western Australia (WAFIP). Currently in eight markets across Australia and Asia Pacific, The GrowHub offers access to trusted premium products through the development of new agri-food and blockchain technologies emerging from the innovation centre at FIPWA.

DPIRD and Future Food Systems CRC: With the backing of the WA State Government, DPIRD is contributing $10 million to the project. The Commonwealth-backed Future Food Systems CRC will help deliver commercial research services within the precinct. $21.75M of funding was received from the Australian Government’s Regional Growth Fund.

These founding partners will make up the bedrock of the Precinct as it becomes Western Australia’s first food-innovation centre.

Also announced is a new name and associated branding for the project: The Food Innovation Precinct Western Australia, or FIPWA as it will likely become known locally.


Shire of Murray President Cr David Bolt said “There’s nothing quite like this project in Australia – it’s a regional hub for food and agri-tech businesses, a mentoring and networking centre, and a food production site with common-use facilities. There are development and research grants available, business mentoring and development opportunities, and it’s all come from a local government shire that’s punching well above its weight and delivering value for its ratepayers”.

It’s thought the Precinct could bring a billion-dollar boost to Western Australia by enabling up to $330 million in the food and beverage sector, and another $737 million into the wider economy over the next 5 years.

The Western Australian Food Innovation Precinct is supported by $21.75M from the Australian Government’s Regional Growth Fund.

For more information about FIPWA, you can visit the new website