Nanga Road Bridge Closure

Published on 27 July 2022

Final Lane Poole Reserve Access - Bridge Closures

**Updated 5 August 2022**

On 5 August we heard from Main Roads that interim works CAN be undertaken in the next week which will allow the bridge to reopen to pedestrians, bikes, passenger vehicles and passenger vehicles with caravans, up to a weight limit of 4 tonnes. Weather permitting, we expect these works to be completed by the end of next week (12 August 2022) but we’ll update this page when we know more.

**Original article is below**

The Shire of Murray has had to close the Nanga Road Bridge in Lane Poole Reserve effective immediately.

The unusual closure is as a result of an investigation this week by Main Roads into the condition of a couple of the bridge piers and piles. Main Roads has advised that the condition of these piles raises significant public safety concerns in particular the central piles, and as a result, it needs to be closed as of this afternoon.

Safety is always the Shire’s number one priority, and so with immediate effect, the bridge has been closed to all traffic and pedestrians.

The bridge closure will primarily affect those looking to travel south from Dwellingup over the River Murray. In the drier months, there is an alternative crossing, Bob’s Crossing, but that is not currently open, and is unlikely to be for the rest of winter.

Consequently, all access to the Nanga Brook area of Lane Poole Reserve will need to be via Waroona, a diversion that adds about ten minutes for those travelling from Pinjarra, and about 50 minutes for those coming from Dwellingup.

Shire of Murray President Cr David Bolt said “I recognise that this bridge closure is done with extremely short notice, but such is the condition of the bridge that Main Roads do not believe it is safe for vehicles to cross it, even today.

“I am mindful of the excellent local businesses we have operating in the area, and we will be speaking to them about the potential impact of the bridge closure once we have a better understanding of the implications”.

Main Roads is undertaking further assessments and its priority is to review design options to make the bridge accessible, and to instigate short- to medium-term solutions. The findings of that work will give the Shire a better idea of how, when, and if the bridge can be temporarily repaired.

Once we have this information, we’ll provide an update to local businesses and the community.

An information line has been established at the Dwellingup Visitors Centre for those wanting more information on 08 9538 1108 (during business opening hours).

The Shire of Murray is responsible for what’s called “routine and specific maintenance” on our bridges, like cleaning them, treating the timber with fungicides, undertaking minor works etc. Main Roads undertake structural condition assessment and reporting.

Main Roads carried out a detailed inspection of the bridge in July 2022 when the deteriorated condition of the piles was identified. Following an assessment of these piles, Main Roads determined that the bridge should be closed in the interests of public safety.

Park Road and River Road remain open, with Dwaarlindjirraap day use area, Baden Powell, Charlie’s Flat, Island Pool, Tony’s Bend and Yarragil campgrounds easily accessible from Dwellingup.




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