Murray Youth for Youth reaches their 150th youth activity

Published on 27 July 2022

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The Shire of Murray would like to acknowledge Murray Youth for Youth, for reaching an impressive milestone - their 150th youth activity since the group’s change of strategic direction in 2019.

In 2017 the group began as ‘myVoice’, a youth reference group for the Shire of Murray coordinated by the Shire’s Community Development Team. The group met to provide feedback and suggestions for youth activities and events and Shire staff would seek funding and other support to coordinate these events. 

In 2019, group chair Hanna Spencer and vice-chair Jasper Davis-Houghton approached officers with a proposal for the group to become more independent and empowered to deliver their own youth activities and events in partnership with the Shire of Murray. ‘myVoice Youth Reference Group’ became the Murray Youth for Youth group, a working group which provided activities by young people for young people working in partnership with the Shire of Murray.

During the COVID-19 lockdown many local governments were forced to close their youth activities due to lockdown mandates, however through the partnership with the Shire of Murray, Murray Youth for Youth was able to deliver a wide range of online activities and workshops including coding, art, resume writing, budgeting and more under the slogan ‘isolated but not alone’.

The group and its members have been nominated for numerous awards including Community Group of the Year in the Western Australian Community Achievement Awards. Chairperson Hanna Spencer won Youth Citizen of the Year in 2021 with particular note being given to her contributions during the COVID-19 pandemic. Former vice-chair Jasper Davis-Houghton won Youth Citizen of the Year in 2020 and they were acknowledged for their involvement in other groups and activities in the Shire of Murray including the Pinjarra Blue Light Disco Committee.

The group meets monthly and includes young people aged 12 – 25. If you are or know a young person interested in being involved, please phone Trick on 9531 7708 or email

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