Customer Service Charter


Our Customer Service is Guided by our Commitment to the Community

We’re working to ensure that by 2030 the Shire of Murray is a place where business thrives, we protect our environment, character and heritage and all community members enjoy an outstanding quality of life.

Through collaboration with our community and other stakeholders we are creating:

  • Great places for people 
  • An economy that supports innovation and training opportunities and provides a variety of business, tourism and employment opportunities
  • Enhanced transport linkages and information sharing opportunities 

We are further ensuring strong leadership through:

  • Good Governance 
  • Effective communication
  • Value for money

Our mission is to ensure:

  • A can-do attitude
  • We strive for service excellence
  • Continual improvement 
  • An outcomes focus

Our performance is therefore guided by REAL values:

  • Respect
  • Excellence
  • Accountable 
  • Leadership 

Privacy and Confidentiality

  • We will be considerate of your privacy and confidentiality and unless required by law, we will not disclose your personal information without your consent

A note for public consultation processes especially relating to planning consultations – 

  • For transparency we may include names and addresses of respondents in submission schedules included in publicly accessible agenda appendices
  • Where there is a technical or controversial matter, we include the full submission in the appendix with redacted personal (non-business) phone numbers/email addresses
  • This information is provided to assist Council in the decision-making process and allows Council to understand the full impact of the proposal on the respondents
  • This condition is advised on respective submission forms

Face-to-Face or Over the Phone

  • We aim to resolve routine enquiries immediately and for more technical enquiries will maintain communication with you until the matter is resolved and within the shortest time possible
  • Calls will be answered promptly, dealt with professionally and we will identify ourselves by name
  • If a call requires specialist attention, we will endeavor to not transfer your call more than once and will inform the subsequent officer of your enquiry when transferring the call, if an officer is not available a call-back will transpire during business hours, on or before the next working day
  • For face-to-face enquiries, visitors can expect a welcoming environment, professional and prompt service and officers will wear name badges to assist with identification


  • We will respond in a clear, concise manner using plain English
  • We may use alternative methods of contact to ensure prompt service
  • A letter of response will be returned for enquiries received via mail, within ten working days from receipt 
  • For enquiries received by email, an acknowledgement email will be sent during business hours, on or before the next working day, we will respond to your enquiry within two working days and if unresolved, will work with you until a suitable outcome is reached
  • If your enquiry is not resolved within 10 working days, especially for more technical enquiries we will maintain communication with you until the matter is resolved and within the shortest time possible


  • Content on our websites and social media channels will be up-to-date and unoffensive
  • Our websites will be the go-to-resource for information and access to Shire services
  • We will respond to enquiries on our social media channels during business hours, on or before the next working day (please do not submit ranger or urgent requests through our social media channels) 
  • We will endeavor to align with best practice 

Access and Inclusion

  • We will ensure that people with disabilities have the same opportunities to access Shire services, facilities and information as is enjoyed by other members of the community
  • We will provide the following services for customers who have difficulty accessing the Shire due to a disability or where English is a second language:

    AUSLAN interpreters and language translators. Please advise at the time of your enquiry should you require these services.

    National Relay Service at no charge on 133 677 for TTY users, for speak and listen users 1300 555 727 or visit

    Public documents in alternative formats, please contact 9531 7777 or email with your specific request and contact details

You Can Help us 

Please provide:

  • Accurate and complete information so we can best respond to your enquiry
  • Your full name and contact details and advise us if they change
  • If available, your reference number which should be included on the correspondence sent to you or the respective Shire officer’s name

Please submit:

  • Ranger and urgent requests via telephone or in person
  • Service requests through the website, via email, phone or in person 


Whether positive or constructive, your feedback helps to ensure continual improvement.