Tree Removal/Pruning

Park and Public Reserves - Tree Pruning and Tree Maintenance

Professional tree pruning and tree maintenance is undertaken by staff/ contractors who have training in arboricultural techniques. 

Tree pruning and tree maintenance is scheduled as an ongoing program of works.
Where possible, the preference is to maintain trees in their natural form.

Pruning of trees is undertaken:

  • To maintain and improve the condition of trees and to prolong their healthy life span
  • Safety reasons, such as power line management and fire break requirements
  • For pedestrian or traffic safety - usually by under-pruning of tree for clear zone below canopy

Trees will not be pruned for any of the following reasons:

  • Leaf, flower, nut, twig and generally naturally occurring debris
  • For private amenity, such as to establish or enhance views
  • To enable additional sunlight for solar panels or other reasons

Trees overhanging private property boundary from Shire-managed Reserves

Trees within Reserves under Shire management including parks:

  • Residents can review adjacent trees to their property
  • Refer to the Citizens Advice Bureau - Overhanging branches and roots fact sheet(PDF, 94KB)  
  • Residents can undertake required pruning where they extend over property boundaries, however, works will need to be coordinated through an approved tree pruner to ensure the tree/s will not be adversely impacted
  • A written request to the Shire of Murray is required (via form), and approval granted prior to works.

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