Abandoned Vehicles

What happens after I report an abandoned vehicle?

If the vehicle is located on a Shire managed road, your report will be assigned to our Ranger department.

Rangers will inspect the vehicle and place a green sticker on the vehicle.  This sticker gives official notification to the vehicle owner to remove it from its present location within 24 hours of the sticker being placed.

Should the vehicle not be removed within the 24-hour period, Ranger Services will have the vehicle towed to the Shire of Murray Vehicle Impound Yard. Owner’s details are then obtained via liaison with the police and a letter is sent to the last known owner, advising them of the impounded vehicle. 

Any vehicles not collected by their owners are sent to auction and will be sold.

If on a Main Roads WA managed road, main roads will be in contact with you to investigate the matter.

Has your vehicle been towed?

Should you wish to reclaim your vehicle from impound, fees and charges(PDF, 3MB) apply and paperwork will need to be provided to prove that you are the current owner.

Please contact our Ranger team to discuss: 

9531 7777

Any vehicles not recovered by their owners will be sold or otherwise disposed of in accordance with the Local Government Act 1995.

Impound notices are sent to the known registered vehicle owner when these details are available.