Interim Rates

An interim rate notice is an amended rate account received during the year because the Valuer General has determined that the value of the property has changed.

Reasons for value changes include:

  • Completion of a new build
  • Improvements to the property
  • Demolition of improvements
  • Additions to existing improvements
  • Requests for rubbish bins
  • Subdivision and Amalgamation

The annual rate account issued by us for a property is based on information held at 1 July and rates levied are for the period 1 July to 30 June the following year. Interim rates therefore reflect any changes made after the original date of issue and can apply for to the respective and previous financial years.

The interim account may involve an increase or decrease in the amount payable depending on the change in valuation. In some circumstances instalment options will be available however this depends on the date the interim account is issued.

Please contact our Rates team to discuss your options: