All dogs bark as their natural means of communication but frequent or excessive barking can become a nuisance for neighbours. 

If you are experiencing issues with barking in your area, here are a few suggestions that may help to resolve the situation.

Talk to Your Neighbour

Owners are often unaware that their dog is causing a nuisance through barking as they may not be at home when the barking is occurring and in most cases, will act to rectify the concerns once raised with them.

If you are not comfortable speaking with your neighbour directly, perhaps leave a politely worded, anonymous note in their mailbox, that constructively expresses your concerns.

It is important that you provide dog owners with accurate information on when their dog is causing a nuisance such as:

  • Date, time and duration of dog barking
  • Reason for dog barking noting what is happening in the area when the dog is barking
  • Where the dog is barking (front, back or side of property)
  • Other relevant information to assist the dog owner in dealing with the issue

Please be patient with your neighbour and their dog as addressing behaviour takes time. 

Lodge a Complaint with our Rangers

If you have a problem with a barking dog in your area and have found that a friendly chat with your neighbour didn’t work, please contact our Ranger Services regarding your concerns, providing as much detail as possible:

A Ranger will investigate the concern and pending the situation, may issue a dog control order or infringement notice.