Funding and Grants

There are several grant programs available to individuals and community organisations in the Shire of Murray. There are also various agencies that have grant and funding opportunities available at various times throughout the year.

Application forms for the grants listed below are available from the ‘Show Downloads’ drop down menu to the right of the screen.

Shire of Murray – Funding Opportunities

Community Sponsorship Fund

The Shire of Murray Community Sponsorship fund provides support to individuals or groups residing within the Shire of Murray who are selected in state, national or international representation. Written applications for funding assistance may be submitted at any time. Funding is limited to the following amounts: Individuals – $100.00 donation, Groups – $300.00 donation.

Community Assistance Partnership Fund

The Community Assistance Partnership Fund (CAPF) is a partnership between Alcoa and the Shire of Murray that provides support to community organisations to build and strengthen their organisational capacity, host events and deliver services within the Shire of Murray that effectively contribute to building vibrant, inclusive and healthy communities. Applications will be invited three times a year with a maximum grant allocation of $3,000 (plus GST).

Community Facility Fund

The Shire of Murray Community Facility fund aims to assist community groups in the Shire of Murray to upgrade, extend or construct sport, recreation and community facilities. Applications will be invited once a year for Council consideration with groups able to apply for up to one third of the total project cost.


Further information and application forms for the above grants can be found under the “Show Downloads” drop down menu to the top right of this page.

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