Community Bus Service Trial

A shuttle bus providing transport to Pinjarra and Mandurah for Shire of Murray residents, is currently operating as part of a trial service throughout the district. The service commenced following requests from the community for increased transport options throughout the Shire.

The trial service links in with existing Transperth services and provides an opportunity for residents who currently have no public transport options to access two services throughout the week and one on a weekend.

It allows residents living in the outlying localities of Murray to commute to the main hubs of Pinjarra and Mandurah, as well as Perth via the train service, to do their shopping, banking, bill paying and access health and social services.

The return service runs to Pinjarra from Coolup, Dwellingup, North Dandalup and North Pinjarra once each Wednesday and Friday to allow residents to do their shopping, banking, bill paying and to access health and social services. On Fridays the round trip is approximately two hours longer, allowing residents to access facilities in Mandurah and beyond.

On Saturdays, a return service will be provided from each Murray locality to the Mandurah Forum Shopping Centre and Mandurah Train Station.

The trial service falls under the objectives of the Shire’s Strategic Community Plan, as the Shire continues to develop a connected, safe and inclusive community that provides for and lobbies for accessible services for all residents.

A review will be undertaken mid-2017 to consider a permanent service dependent upon usage.



DateLocalityPickup/Drop-off Point
9:00amCoolupCoolup General Store
9:15amPinjarraMurray House
9:35amDwellingupDwellingup Visitor Centre
9:55amPinjarraMurray House
10:10amNorth DandalupNorth Dandalup Hotel
10:20amNorth PinjarraCarcoola Handy Mart
10:30amPinjarraMurray House
11:30amPinjarraMurray House
11:45amCoolupCoolup General Store
12:00pmPinjarraMurray House
12:20pmDwellingupDwellingup Visitor Centre
12:40pmPinjarraMurray House
12:50pmNorth PinjarraCarcoola Handy Mart
1:00pmNorth DandalupNorth Dandalup Hotel


DateLocalityPickup/Drop-off Point
8:10amCoolupCoolup General Store
8:25amPinjarraMurray House, link to bus #600 to Mandurah departing 8:39am
8:45amDwellingupDwellingup Visitor Centre
9:10amNorth DandalupNorth Dandalup Hotel
9:20amNorth PinjarraCarcoola Handy Mart
9:30amPinjarraMurray House, link to bus #600 to Mandurah departing 9:39am
11:40amPinjarraMurray House, link to bus #600 to Mandurah arriving 11:34am
11:55amCoolupCoolup General Store
1:40pmPinjarraMurray House, link to bus #600 to Mandurah arriving 1:34pm
1:50pmNorth PinjarraCarcoola Handy Mart
2:00pmNorth DandalupNorth Dandalup Hotel
2:20pmDwellingupDwellingup Visitor Centre


DateLocalityPickup/Drop-off Point
9:00amDwellingupDwellingup Visitor Centre
9:20amNorth DandalupNorth Dandalup Hotel
9:30amNorth PinjarraCarcoola Handy Mart
9:40amPinjarraMurray House
10:00amMandurah ForumClarice Street bus stop
10:10amMandurah Train StationTransWA bus shelter
10:45amCoolupCoolup General Store
11:10amSouth YunderupSandy Cove Tavern
11:20amRavenswoodRavenswood Hotel
11:30amNorth YunderupAlligators Café
11:40amFurnissdaleSpud Shed
11:50amMandurah ForumClarice Street bus stop
12:00pmMandurah Train StationTransWA bus shelter
12:30pmMandurah Train StationTransWA bus shelter
12:40pmMandurah ForumClarice Street bus stop
1:00pmPinjarraMurray House
1:10pmNorth PinjarraCarcoola Handy Mart
1:20pmNorth DandalupNorth Dandalup Hotel
1:40pmDwellingupDwellingup Visitor Centre
2:20pmMandurah Train StationTransWA bus shelter
2:30pmMandurah ForumClarice Street bus stop
2:40pmFurnissdaleSpud Shed
2:50pmNorth YunderupAlligators Cafe
3:00pmRavenswoodRavenswood Hotel
3:10pmSouth YunderupSandy Cove Tavern
3:35pmCoolupCoolup General Store

Fare Information

To Pinjarra

Pickup LocationAdultConcessionChild
North Pinjarra$2.00$0.50$0.00
North Dandalup$3.00$1.00$0.50

To Mandurah

Pickup LocationAdultConcessionChild
North Pinjarra$4.50$1.50$0.50
North Dandalup$4.50$1.50$0.50
North Yunderup$4.50$1.50$0.50
South Yunderup$4.50$1.50$0.50
Furnissdale / Barragup$3.00$1.00$0.00

For bookings contact Peel Bus Charters 0412 911 938.

This Shire thanks the following businesses for their assistance with the initiative:

  • Alligators Café
  • Carcoola Handy Mart
  • Coolup General Store
  • Murray House
  • North Dandalup Hotel
  • Ravenswood Hotel
  • Sandy Cove Tavern
  • Spud Shed
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