Swim School

Our Philosophy

Welcome to the Murray Swim School where swimming is more than an activity, it’s a gift for life. We take pride in offering you/your child positive experiences in our lessons to lead to a lifelong love of water.

We are endorsed with the Royal Life Saving Society continuum. This means we provide best practice in aquatic education using qualified instructors, offering smaller class sizes as well as an exciting range of programs to suit your needs.

All programs are conducted during school terms Monday to Saturday on a term-by-term basis. This provides your child with the opportunities to continue improving with plenty of positive reinforcement.

Lessons are conducted by our accredited Austswim Instructors who undergo ongoing training and professional development to exceed your expectations every time.

Our Programs

Our range of aquatic education programs ensures that Murray Swim School is designed for all skill levels. We ensure that the skills previously taught are strengthened prior to moving onto more challenging skills to ensure your child does not lose that base.

This is because learning to swim is similar to building a house. A weak foundation won’t lead to a strong product. So the Royal Life Saving Society continuum allows our Swim School to group skills of similar difficulty together to form stages.

Our Instructors believe that if a child is not comfortable learning a current skill there is no reason to introduce them to the next, more advanced skill. We want our lessons to be enjoyable and instil a positive, lifelong love of water.

Infant Aquatics

(0-4 years – Parent/child class – 30 minute duration)

Be part of your child’s first aquatic experience in the Hydrotherapy Pool. Our experienced staff combine water familiarisation with fun to show parents how to encourage their child to relax and enjoy the aquatic environment.

Our Infant Aquatics program is endorsed with the Royal Life Saving Society. Stages are broken into six month increments to ensure skills match the development and growth of the child.

Infant 16 – 12 months
Infant 212 – 18 months
Infant 318 months – 2 years
Infant 42 – 2.5 years
Infant 52.5 – 3 years
Infant 63 – 3.5 years


Within the program Instructors guide both the parent and infant through group activities, games and songs designed to develop water confidence, independence and basic swimming and survival skills. Infant Aquatic lessons provide an opportunity for your child to develop socially, emotionally and physically in a safe, structured, multi-sensory environment.


Preschool Swimming

(3-5 years – Independent class – 30 minute duration)

The Preschool Swimming programs encourage the child’s independence from their parent/guardian within an aquatic environment using play and self-discovery.

The Murray Leisure Centre Pre-school Swimming Program includes three classes with students starting at Tadpoles, Turtles and concluding at Frogs Advanced.  It also prepares children for the Learn-to-Swim strand by teaching survival skills and basic stroke development.

Learn to Swim and Survive

(From 5 years old – 30 minute duration)

Based on the Royal Life Saving Society’s nationally recognised curriculum with Stages 1-9 available. Classes are undertaken with an Austswim-qualified Instructor who teach stroke development and survival skills while encouraging enjoyment and water safety. Level progression is identical to the Department of Education’s Vacswim and School In-Term programs making it user friendly for all.

Another major advantages over private swim schools is that our program places equal importance on both stroke correction and survival skills. Students are educated about safe behaviour at various aquatic environments, they develop rescue abilities and are introduced to resuscitation; in addition to our Instructors correcting your child’s swimming technique as well!

Bronze Rescue Strand

(Any age – 30 minute duration)

Based on the Royal Life Saving Society’s nationally recognised curriculum with Stages 10-15 available. The Bronze Rescue Strand builds on learn to swim by developing advanced survival and rescue skills, enabling participants to make the right decision to help themselves or others survive in an aquatic emergency. Participants will improve stroke efficiency and endurance too.

Bronze Medallion

(14 years and above)

The international benchmark for lifesaving. This course is organised on an expression of interest basis and can also be organised for community groups.

Squad Program

(1 hour per week)

Through participating in Squads participants are eligible to receive the relevant learn to swim certificate once the relevant skills are mastered.


(Children must have completed Stage 7)

Our Transitional Squad focusses on stroke technique with a strong emphasis on correction, lane etiquette, diving and tumble turn development. A perfect opportunity for children to gain more knowledge in preparation for school carnivals.


Graduating from Transitional Squads to Fitness Squads, children will focus on improving endurance and pace alongside an introduction to bilateral breathing. Continuing to master diving and tumble turns will help your child prepare to enter competitive swimming competitions.


Adult Program

Murray Swim School offers learn to swim classes for adults ranging from beginners through to advance.  Lessons concentrate on water familiarisation, improving stroke technique and developing endurance.

Special Needs

(30 minute duration)

Private swimming lessons are available for children with special needs on a term basis.

Private Lessons

(30 minute duration)

Private lessons are available on request based on pool and instructor availability to suit you/your child’s needs. Contact the Swim School Supervisor for more information.


Please don’t hesitate to contact our Swim School Supervisor for any Swim School related enquiries.

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