Planning Policies

Local Planning Policies are prepared and adopted by Council, following community consultation, using the procedures set out in Clause 2.5 of the Shire’s Town Planning Scheme No 4.

They are intended to be used to guide Council’s discretion when making decisions on planning proposals.

Council is required to consider each application on its individual merit, having regard for a broad range of planning considerations, including any relevant Local Planning Policy.

Local Planning Policies do not bind Council in respect of any application for planning approval. Council is however required to have due regard to the provision of Local Planning Policies and the objectives which the policy is designed to achieve before making its decision.

Please select the policy you are interested in reading from the list below:


Domestic Outbuildings

Download 140.63 KB 329 downloads

Draft Heritage Places Pdf

Download 131.41 KB 163 downloads

Home Based Business Pdf

Download 109.22 KB 216 downloads

Patio Policy Pdf

Download 100.01 KB 180 downloads

Relocated Dwellings Pdf

Download 104.57 KB 184 downloads

Rural Workers Dwellings Pdf

Download 104.65 KB 1184 downloads

Sea Containers Pdf

Download 114.43 KB 235 downloads

Signs Pdf

Download 174.84 KB 570 downloads

Street Verandahs Pdf

Download 51.84 KB 123 downloads

Vegetation Management Pdf

Download 154.48 KB 195 downloads

Zone Objectives Pdf

Download 99.13 KB 264 downloads
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