Local Government Election

Election Candidates Drawn

Nominations for the 2015 Ordinary Council Elections have now closed with nine candidates nominating to fill the four council vacancies for the Shire of Murray.

A draw was recently undertaken by a Returning Officer from the Western Australian Electoral Commission at the Shire Administration Office to determine the candidate ballot order.

Candidates for the Shire of Murray’s 2015 Ordinary Council Election in ballot order are:

ROSE, Casey

My family and I relocated from Mundijong to West Coolup 3 years ago. Transitioning from one rural shire to another has further consolidated the rewards in being part of a growing community. After 13 years employment in Local Government (Town Planning and Land Administration) I have a good understanding of the core functions of Government. I’ve recently ceased full time employment to spend more time with family and manage our equine business. This has also provided an opportunity to expand my involvement and contribute to our diverse community. We all lead busy lives and often don’t have enough time to thoroughly keep up to date of upcoming developments in our evolving towns. A balance of communication delivery using both new (technology) and traditional (postal/face to face) methods is key focus that I would like to explore further with Council.

Mobile: 0417 450 19


I live on our property in Coolup with my husband and children. I have lived in Coolup since I was a teenager, and have family ties in the Murray Shire going back 4 generations. We own and operate our own small earthmoving businesses with a current focus on agricultural work. I am the President of the Coolup Progress Association and an active member of the Coolup VBFB. I am a very approachable person who is naturally drawn to helping the community and talking to rate payers about their wants and needs. I love the country charm that the Shire of Murray has to offer and will always push to see that it remains a strong focus in future developments. I have the passion, enthusiasm and energy to bring a different dynamic into the Shire of Murray and believe that by being elected, a broader demographic will be represented.

Home: 9530 3464
Mobile: 0422 180 584
Postal Address: 500 Harts Road Coolup 6214
Email: trentange@hotmail.com


My family has lived and owned land in the Shire of Murray for many years, both as farmers and as townsfolk. I previously fought for residents in Council and if elected I would love to do so again on issues such as: planning is following State wishes, sometimes failing to consider the wants and needs of local residents, it is essential to provide infrastructure and services to all localities in the Shire, all projects must consider the present financial constraints, cutting our budgets to match our income, I will fight for the return of a wards system, believing it would strengthen all communities input into the council chambers, I believe in taking control of our future through strong representation in council and I have the time and experience to be an effective Councilor. Should you have any questions in respect to these or other issues please contact me.

Mobile: 0433 155 903
Email: morrisbessant@westnet.com.au


I have resided in Dwellingup for the past 11 years and am seeking election as your Council representative for the Shire of Murray. I have been actively involved in the local community as Pinjarra Swimming Club coach and Dwellingup Ambulance Officer; both volunteer positions. I strongly believe local government should be accountable and transparent. Important issues: Support our senior citizens and increase crime prevention strategies. Development and implementation of sound infrastructure to sustain continued growth in the region. Encourage youth involvement in our community and development of local parks. Upgrading of local roads. I identify with our residents and seek to represent your voice in council. If you care about preserving our unique Murray lifestyle while increasing local jobs, reducing crime and supporting our economy; then I respectfully ask for your trust, support and your vote to promote a better future for the Shire of Murray.

Mobile: 0400 040 801
Postal Address: 2111 Pinjarra-Williams Road Dwellingup 6213


As a Councillor for the Shire of Murray for almost 5 years, and if re-elected I will continue to put the interests of the community foremost. I serve on numerous committees including Peel Community Care, the Dwellingup Community Village Inc., the South West Region Regional Road Group and deputy member for the Peel Mosquito Management Group. I have an interest in the historical aspect of the Shire. I am President of The Murray District Historical Society Inc. The environment and the rural nature of the shire are vital to its sustainability. I have a degree in Politics, Philosophy and Sociology as well as a Local Government Diploma (elected member). This has improved my ability to contribute to the social and economic growth of the shire. I will continue to contribute to the wellbeing of all communities within the shire.

Email: cloud.ix@bigpond.com


I have been a Murray Shire councillor for almost 12 years. I also served 12 years as a councilor in Kalgoorlie, before moving to Pinjarra in 1995. I find serving on council very rewarding as I get to meet the residents and assist them with any council related matters they require guidance with. I serve on five committees and as a proxy to another four, I find they give me a better understanding of the community needs. Not everyone enjoys meetings. I do and have an attendance of 99% for the past three years of council. Being retired I am available to assist you in council matters wherever the need arises. Voting one for me gives you honest and reliable representation Barrie Thomson.

Mobile: 0418 942 726
Email: barrth@bigpond.net.au

LEE, Steve

I am honoured to have served the Community for the past two years and privileged to have worked with various community groups, dedicated staff and fellow Councillors. Having worked for 35 years within the State Government in Administration and Finance, I believe my skills and experience can continue to be used for the benefit of all residents. As a retiree, and too young to retire, I have the time and passion to represent you on Council. I am currently a member of the Yunderup Sports & Recreation Club, Board Member of Pinjarra Bendigo Bank and Shire representative and Treasurer of the Peel Trails Group. The past two years has been a learning experience, and there is still much I would like to, achieve. I am committed to: ensure Rates are fair for all. Better services for Seniors. A Safer Community. More for our Youth, and Provide Footpaths and Cycleways.

Mobile: 0417 990 059
Postal Address: 4 Holloway Turn Ravenswood 6208
Email: steve.lee@live.com.au


My name is Enzo Menara I’m a farmer living in Coolup. Lived in the Murray Shire over 60 years. Have just done a term as shire councillor and I am renominating for another term. I really enjoyed my time on council as I am also on a number of Committees to numerous to mention but most ratepayers have a fair idea – mixing with a variety of people. I’ve tried my best but some decisions have went against the way I wanted to go. I am seeking your vote and I will do my best to do the right thing. My main priorities are footpath/cycle path, Pinjarra Mandurah upgrade Library, Black top gravel roads left in the shire. As there are no wards in Murray Shire it makes it very hard to visit every ratepayer. You can ring me and I will come and see you. Thank You.

Postal Address: 175 Harts Road Coolup 6214

BOLT, David

Our Shire has tremendous potential to grow and prosper, but our region faces many new challenges as it seeks to balance the needs of the community and the environment with the desire for better infrastructure and local employment. We need to attract appropriate businesses to expand the job opportunities for our youth, while being careful to take a balanced approach to expansion so that we maintain the natural beauty and character of the region. Along with my wife and two children, I have lived permanently in South Yunderup for the past 11 years and my family have had owned a holiday home here since 1965. I know the area well and see firsthand the pressing needs for better services, bike paths, safer roads and recreational facilities. I run an Internet services company and have executive experience in public and international companies, helping me to bring fresh ideas to the position.

Mobile: 0400 123 268
Postal Address: 107 Murray River Drive South Yunderup 6208

The Ordinary Local Government Election is fast approaching on Saturday 17 October, 2015.

The Shire of Murray strongly encourages residents to have their say and to vote for the candidate which they feel represents them best as a Shire of Murray Councillor.

While local government voting is not compulsory, residents have the power to determine the future of their local community by simply casting their vote.

How to Vote

Murray residents will receive their ballot packages from 28 September, 2015. To lodge your ballot via post simply complete and sign the enclosed ballot paper and return to the Western Australian Electoral Commission using the reply paid envelope provided.

Alternatively, residents can lodge their ballots at the Shire of Murray Administration Office on Election Day. The Shire’s office is located at 1915 Pinjarra Road, Pinjarra.

Replacement ballot packages can be obtained from the Shire’s Administration Office if your package has been damaged. If you have not received a package please contact the Shire.

For more information regarding the upcoming local government election contact the Shire on (08) 9531 7777.

Key Dates

  • Close of roll – 5:00pm Friday 28 August, 2015
  • Nominations open – Thursday 3 September, 2015
  • Nominations close – 4.00pm Thursday 10 September, 2015
  • No early or absent voting
  • Mail-out – Monday 21 or Tuesday 22 September, 2015 (lodged with Australia Post for delivery)
  • Replacement packages available from Wednesday 23 September, 2015
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