Local Government Election

Ordinary Local Government Elections are held in Western Australia every two years. 2017 is an election year and election day is set for Saturday 21 October, 2017.

There will be five vacant Council positions for the Shire’s 2017 Local Government Ordinary Election. Voting will be conducted by postal vote and ballot packages will reach elector mailboxes from Friday 6 October, 2017.

Returning Officer Information

The Western Australian Electoral Commission has appointed Mr Neil Whiteley as the Returning Officer for the Shire of Murray 2017 Local Government Election. Mr Neil Whiteley 0410 546 058 Neil.whiteley@jtsi.wa.gov.au


Candidate Profiles



As a councillor for the Shire of Murray from 2010 to 2015, gave me the experience of a serving councillor. If elected I will   put the interests of the community foremost.  I will contribute to the wellbeing of all in the community, including youth, the aged and those with disabilities. I have a degree in Politics, Philosophy and Sociology as well as completing the Local Government Diploma which has improved my ability to contribute to the social, environment and economic growth of the shire in a positive way. I will support crime prevention strategies. I am concerned with and will support the environment and a sustainable agricultural industry. I will support the Pinjarra Town Revitalization Strategy, tourism and the development of the Exchange Hotel maintaining the heritage aspects. I will support projects that create jobs and programs that benefit young people and encourage them to live work in the Shire.

Mobile:  0439 911 461

Postal Address:  PO Box 177, NORTH DANDALUP 6207

Email:  cloud.ix@bigpond.com

Social Network Address:  NORTH DANDALUP – Brenda Beacham


BRIGGS, Patricia

BRIGGS, Patricia

I am a currently serving Councillor at the Shire of Murray and am standing again for election in the forthcoming elections to be held on 21 October 2017.  During my time on Council I have seen the picturesque towns within the Shire develop from small country villages to the vibrant towns they are today, with up-to-date amenities and provision for inclusive expansion.  Being a Shire ratepayer myself, I am aware of issues from both views, and will always make myself available to discuss controversial matters with ratepayers.  There are many other developments pending and I would very much like to represent you again when these matters arise. I regard myself as a responsible and honest Councillor and will always place the best interests of the ratepayers of the district first when making decisions affecting the Shire.

Home:  08 9537 8736

Mobile:  0466 001 223

Postal Address:  83 Moyup Way South Yunderup 6208

Email:  pbriggs@westnet.com.au



I was Born at Pinjarra Hospital, growing up I played sports for Pinjarra, attended Pinjarra Primary School and have strong connections with the Shire of Murray.

Currently I live in North Pinjarra with my wife and four children who attend Carcoola Primary and Pinjarra Senior High School.

I’ve been a FIFO worker for over 10 years, completed a Diploma of Management and Leadership in 2017. I am currently the President of the North Pinjarra Progress Association working to breathe life into the area.

I believe that I have the Passion, Enthusiasm and Skills, as demonstrated through my current roles, to serve the residence within the Shire of Murray, ensuring that the community has a voice and is actively listened to. The Shire of Murray is a unique place with vast potential I would love to be a part of that.

Vote for me and allow me to work for you.

Mobile:  0437 511 571

Email:  brad.cardilini@bigpond.com

Social Network Address:  fb.me/councilorbrad.cardilini

Address:  www.facebook.com/steveformurray

REID, Maree

REID, Maree

I live in South Yunderup with my partner Gordon and I am seeking re-election to Council.  I am excited to be standing again as I have a great passion for the Shire with the desire to achieve further excellence.  As a growing Shire we need to accommodate our rural and urban residents, industry and tourism so comes a need for relevant strategic planning along with Councillor’s having the ability to make sound decisions and effective policies, training and experience has given me these strengths.  I respect our heritage and hold in high regard our environment and that of our rivers and waterways.  I want to maintain our unique identity while encouraging positive growth for a sustainable and liveable Murray.  I identify with our residents and importantly, I like people and want the best for our communities.  I am a fair minded person who always keeps and open mind.

Mobile:  0400 520 260

Postal Address:  4 Chipper Way South Yunderup 6208

Email:  mareengordon@bigpond.com



I am married with three adult  Daughters, who have their own families, and most live within the Peel Region. My wife and I have lived on one of the Islands in the Murray River for 16 years, and I will be voicing the concerns of the Islander’s and surrounding areas.  I currently volunteer as a Driver for People Who Care in Mandurah, and will strongly support Bush Fire Brigade, SES and other Volunteer organisations. Also Focusing on: CCTV Surveillance and control in areas where there are records of theft and anti-social behaviour. Support all projects that encourage businesses to establish themselves in the Murray Shire, and provide employment for local residents. Proposing Volunteer Wardens be appointed for Preserving and maintaining our unique environment, including river banks, flora, fauna, fishing and crabbing throughout the region.

Home:  08 9537 6790

Mobile:  0479 008 049

Postal Address:  Lot 2 Ballee Island, South Yunderup 6208

Email:  amaclure@icloud.com


THOMPSON, Christine

THOMPSON, Christine

Residing in Furnissdale for 36 years I am seeking re-election as Council representative for Murray.  Local government is the grass roots of government and ideally placed to meet the changing needs of communities with implementing strategic planning and community values.  Some community involvements: Justice of the Peace, active with Volunteer Bushfire Brigades, founding member of the Pinjarra Swimming Club and Recovery Coordinator for the 2007 Dwellingup fires.  Important Issues – Emergency Disaster Management ensuring protection of life and environment; endorse the principles of environmental, social and economic sustainability with these elements in balance; encourage youth involvement in the Shire’s growth; upgrading roads with the continuation of cycle ways.  Murray Shire is a wonderful place to live with many great facilities.  I would like to continue working to improve community spirit, the many voluntary organisations and the preservation of our unique lifestyle. I respectfully ask for your support and your vote.

Mobile:  0429 447 341

Postal Address:  1 York Road Furnissdale 6209

Email: cthompson@murraycouncillor.wa.gov.au

BLACK, Geoff

BLACK, Geoff

I grew up on the family farm in Coolup.I have now lived in Ravenswood for 6 years, and enjoy the regions rural community. During the last 50 years, engaging in Volunteer roles in Emergency Response Groups, recently joining Pinjarra Museum and Ravenswood Progress Group for 2 years. I fully understand the complex nature of owning and operating a small business. Working in Boddington 14 years I monitored the challenges that the new Mining Sector presented to the town. I value the opportunity to meet many locals and visitors to our Area. I am semi-retired, I have the skills and time to represent the local people in the Murray Area. My focus will be to maintain our rural environment, while encouraging new infrastructure for Youth, Families and Seniors to enjoy and become involved. I believe that Tourism will play a major part in our region’s future funding.

Mobile: 0427 942 004

Postal Address: 3 Tassell Way Ravenswood 6208

Email: geoffandeileen@iinet.net.au

MCLARTY, Douglas

MCLARTY, Douglas

Born in Pinjarra, I am the sixth generation to live on and work our family beef property. I am married and have three children. As well as farming, I work for Alcoa and as an outdoor education instructor. I am an inaugural member of the Shire’s Rural Landowners’ Reference Group. For 17 years, I have volunteered with the Coolup VBFB, I currently hold the position of Fire Control Officer. I am a past member of Rotary. Our Shire is progressive and we have the ability to achieve significantly especially in the area of tourism. Ratepayers face many financial challenges. I shall endeavour to ensure a balance between the cost of rates and services provided, whilst maintaining our unique rural lifestyle. Through a diligent and common sense approach I am certain I have the necessary skills to represent our community. I believe that good, open, transparent governance is of paramount importance.

Mobile:  0408 090 506

Postal Address:  PO Box 15 Pinjarra 6208

Email:  demclarty@westnet.com.au



A vote for me is a vote for: A Councillor who will be accessible, will interact with the community and listen to their wants and needs. A voice for the underrepresented suburbs of the shire including North Dandalup and Keysbrook.  A Councillor who has no personal agenda or vested interests.  I’m a 38 year old, married, father of two. My family and I moved into the shire in the last 12 months and thoroughly enjoy living in this great part of the state and being part of a great tight knit community.  I will provide unbiased representation having no allegiance or alliances to any person, group or corporate bodies. I will support projects and policies based on their merits and benefits to the community with a focus on families, youth, tourism, employment and small business.  I look forward to your support and in working for our community.

Mobile:  0403 402 071

Email:  steve.veevers@hotmail.com

Social Network Address:  www.facebook.com/steveformurray


Murray residents will receive their ballot packages from 6 October, 2017.

To lodge your ballot via post simply complete and sign the enclosed ballot paper and return to the Western Australian Electoral Commission using the reply paid envelope provided.

Alternatively, residents can lodge their ballots at the Shire of Murray Administration Office on Election Day. The Shire’s office is located at 1915 Pinjarra Road, Pinjarra.

If your package has been damaged, replacement ballot packages can be obtained from the Shire’s Administration Office . If you have not received a package please contact the Shire.

For further information regarding the upcoming local government election contact the Shire on (08) 9531 7777.

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